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As a UET CS graduate, you are cherished members of the 2000+ global network. Our ever-growing alumni network reflects the enduring spirit of the UET Computer Science Department and serves as unwavering champions of the UET journey. We are committed to nurturing your ties with your beloved alma mater, involving you in our diverse university initiatives, and offering opportunities that enhance your careers and personal growth. Your presence here today embodies the essence of our shared commitment to excellence.

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UET CS Department is committed to strengthening your ties with your alma mater and promoting active alumni engagement. Whether through reunions, on-campus mentorship, or showcasing alumni achievements, your involvement is vital to our success. Our alumni network is integral to the Department's narrative, and our goal is seamless access to the University's resources and events. We're dedicated to effective communication to keep you informed of the latest developments. How can you contribute to our shared mission?

We encourage you to update your information in our alumni database. Simply access your profile in the database, review your details, and make any necessary adjustments. Even a small update, such as your basic contact information, plays a significant role in fostering and maintaining our enduring connection.

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Wall of Fame

Honoring the remarkable Alumni who've earned their place on our Wall of Fame.

Person 3

Mr. Ikram Rishi

Deputy director general, Pakistan Bureau of statistics

Session 1976 (MSCS)

Person 3

Mr. Muhammad Ali

Group Head IT, Zaitoon Group

Session 1999 (BSCS)

Person 4

Mr. Javad Zafar

Director, AJ Associates

Session 1999 (BSCS)

Person 2

Mr. Rashid Mehmood

Lead Software Engineer - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

Session 2000 (BSCS)

Person 1

Mr. Raheel Iqbal

CEO - OZIGroup

Session 2001 (BSCS)

Person 1

Mr. Hamza Khalid

CEO, Horizon Resorts Hunza

Session 2002 (BSCS)

Person 3

Dr. Hafiz Imran

CEO TeleNoc, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Session 2002 (BSCS)

Person 3

Mr. Hasan Tanvir Anjum

Founder & CEO, A& H Digital Solutions, Adelaide, Australia

Session 2002 (BSCS)

Person 2

Mr. Imran Javed Zia

Solution Architect, Systems Limited

Session 2003 (BSCS)

Person 4

Mr. Pervaiz Iqbal Khan

PhD Researcher TU Kaiserslautern, DFKI Germany

Session 2003 (BSCS)

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