Title Year
Real Time Digital Image Processing Using Point Operations in Multithreaded Systems
Q.W. Samyan,W. Sahar,W. Talha,M. Aslam,A.M. Martinez-Enriquez
2015 Remove
The University of Sheffield and University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore at TRECVID 2016: Video to Text Description Task.
SQ Wahla,S Waqar,MUG Khan,Y Gotoh,UETL Pakistan
2016 Remove
Geometric Positions and Optical Flow based Emotion Detection using MLP and Reduced Dimensions
Aiman Siddiq,Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan,Samyan Qayyum Wahla
IET Image Processing
2019 Remove
A survey on analysis of human faces and facial expressions datasets
Gulraiz Khan, Sahar Samyan, Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan, Muhammad Shahid, Samyan Qayyum Wahla
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
2020 Remove
A Comprehensive Survey of Facial Datasets for Human Age and Gender Identification
2017 Remove
Intelligent Interface for Blind Users to Perform Collaborative Activities
S Rabeeya, MM Waqar, Muhammad Aslam, AM Martinez-Enriquez, QW Samyan
Springer International Publishing Cham
2021 Remove
The utility of datasets in crowd modelling and analysis: a survey
Sahar Waqar, Usman Ghani Khan, M Hamza Waseem, Samyan Qayyum
Springer US New York
2022 Remove
PRUS: Product Recommender System Based on User Specifications and Customers Reviews
N. Hussain,HT Turab,F. Iqbal. et al.
IEEE Access
2023 Remove
Blockchain-Modeled Edge-Computing-Based Smart Home Monitoring System with Energy Usage Prediction
F. Iqbal, A. Altaf, Z. Waris, DG Aray, MAL. Flores, IdlT. Díez, I. Ashraf.
2023 Remove
A Survey on Analysis of Human Faces and Facial Expressions Dataset
Sahar Samyan,Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan,Muhammad Shahid,Samyan Qayyum Wahla
2020 Remove