SSR-Students' Social Responsibilities

It is not about trying to heal something; it is (about) trying to be aware of things so we can heal ourselves."

A pictorial glimpse of SSR - a Students Social Responsibility event organized by Software Square, Computer Science Department UET Lahore.

Department of Computer Science is very grateful to the resource person Executive Director of the Faida Foundation, Bilal Ahmed for his amazing and comprehensive speech which was followed by thought-provoking and interactive question-answer sessions.

To highlight students' social responsibilities, the Department of Computer Science, Software Square organized this seminar titled 'SSR(Student's Social Responsibilities) for undergraduate engineering students at UET, Lahore. It was successfully conducted by our team and with the efforts of our worthy teachers on October 07, 2022. Our Speaker enlightened us on the significance of professional responsibilities and how to get financial freedom to help humanity in times when they needed it most. He offered guidelines on how one should behave toward other individuals and institutions in a professional environment.

His Core Words on Student Social Responsibilities are:
1. Advocating citizenship and volunteerism to take good care of people and the earth.
2. Recognizing local and global interdependence.
3. Advocating environmental sustainability.
4. Engaging in and promoting rational discussions.

We are extremely thankful to all our audience for sharing their precious time with us and your support is very much appreciated