Orientation for Session 2023

Orientation Day is the bridge that connects us to the vast resources, opportunities, and experiences that await. It's a day of exploration and discovery, where we navigate the maze of campus life, from finding classrooms to connecting with student organizations that resonate with our passions.
Welcome to the vibrant world of higher learning! 🎓🏛️ Today marks July 24 , the dawn of a new chapter as we gather for Orientation Day at our esteemed university. So let's embrace this moment with enthusiasm and determination, knowing that today's steps lay the foundation for the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Welcome to our academic haven, where learning knows no bounds.
Department of Computer Science, UET Lahore welcomes the Batch of 2023-2027 with an introduction to Computer Science basics followed by a panel discussion session, including Prof. Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan, Mr. Samyan Qayyum Wahla, Mr. Nazeef ul Haq, Mr. Laeeq Khan, Dr. Faiza Iqbal and Dr. Ayesha Altaf as panellists. 
New comers were also given the opportunity to visit the departmental labs, lecture halls and the campus premises.