Sr No. Project Title Advisor
1. Detection and Monitoring Agents in Universities Mr. Atif Warraich
2. Doctors Management System Dr. Tauqir Ahmad
3. AI Based Hotel Management with QR Based Implementation Dr. Amjad Farooq
4. Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Dr. Amjad Farooq
5. Doctor Appointment System Dr. Amjad Farooq
6. Conversational Agent for Blind Community Mr. Atif Warraich
7. Web-Based Educational Services Provider Dr. Awais Hassan
8. Water Distribution and Supplier Management System Dr. Amjad Farooq
9. Kinect Based Human Identification Method Using Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Tauqir Ahmad
10. Media News Video Summarization (Urdu Language) Dr. Usman Ghani
12. OnTrac (OT) Mr. Atif Warraich
13. Vehicle Theft Prevention System Dr. Usman Ghani
14. Dress-On System Using Augmented Reality Dr. Usman Ghani
15. Deep Learning-Based Roman Urdu Normalizer for NLP Dr. Usman Ghani
16. Hate Speech Detection in Roman Urdu Dr. Usman Ghani
17. Learning Transferable Architectures for Scalable Visual Quality Inspection Stoppers Dr. Sheikh Faisal Rashid
18. Translating Sign Language From Video Data Mr. Atif Warraich
19. Adaptive Assessment System Dr. Awais Hassan
20. E-SEHAT (Smart Healthcare System for Preliminary Diagnostic and Remote Consultancy) Dr. Muhammad Aslam
21. Automated Website Accessibility Tool & Solution To Meet ADA Compliance Standards Mr. Atif Warraich
22. MoveApp
23. Healing Equilibrium Dr. Usman Ghani
24. AI-Based Video Highlighter Tool Mr. Atif Warraich
25. Ransomware Detection Approach Mr. Atif Warraich