The ph.D. program of a university reflects intellectual standing and its overall academic quality. Ph.D. regulations provide the necessary mechanism to meet these goals. The climax of the Ph.D. program is the thesis which is expected to

  1. Make a distinct contribution to knowledge
  2. Show ability on the part of the candidate to conduct original investigations and to test ideas whether his own or of others and to understand the relationship of his investigations with a wider field of knowledge

(a) Eligibility requirements for admission into Ph.D. program is that the candidate must have earned a Masters/ M.Sc./ M.Phil.) or equivalent degree in the relevant discipline in first division or with a CGPA of 3.0 out of a maximum of 4.0 (in case, applicant’s transcript shows percentage as well as CGPA, CGPA would be considered for eligibility. CGPAs on a scale other than 4.00 would be translated accordingly).
(b) Candidates should meet HEC’s admission test criterion.
(c) Merit of candidates will be computed as under:
  i. 16 years UG score: 20%
  ii. Masters/ M.Sc./ M.Phil. score: 20%
  iii. Subject Test score: 30%
  iv. Statement of Purpose: 10%
  v. Interview: 20%
(d) Ph.D. Admissions Subject Test will be arranged and conducted by UET. The minimum qualifying score is 70% in the subject test.
(e) Minimum overall merit should be 70% to be eligible for consideration.

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Thesis Title Supervisor Name
Capturing 2D Objects with Automation Prof. Dr. Shaiq A. Haq
Visualization of Positive Data using Modified Quadratic Shepard Method:An Optimum Solution Prof. Dr. Abad Ali Shah
Similarity Identification and Measurement between two Web Ontologies Prof. Dr. Abad Ali Shah
Reconstruction of 3D Drawings for Engineering Objects from 2D Camera Perspectives Prof. Dr. Abad Ali Shah
Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Framework for Natural Resource Exploration Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
Design Quality Metrics for Real Time Environment Applications Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Automatic Detection and Estimation of ECG Repolarization(T-Wave) Alternans Prof. Dr. M.A. Maud
Redefining Urdu Morphology and Grammar for the Development of an Integrated Sentiment Analysis Framework Dr. Muhammad Aslam
A new indexing technique for multimedia objects using Rhetorical Structure Theory Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Medical Blogs Text Mining: An Efficient Methodology for Knowledge Identification & Sharing Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
Context-A Ware Ubiquitous Data Mining Framework Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
A Generalized Load Forecasting Methodology for Electric Power Systems Dr. Muhammad Aslam
A Framework to Improve Classification of Positive and Negative Opinions in Roman Urdu-English Code Switching Environment Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
A Natural Language-Based Retrieval System for the Data Warehouse Using Multi-Dimensional Entity Relationshio Model Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
A Pattern-based Approach to Parallel Execution of Sequential Code on Multicore Systems Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood
An Interactive Assessment Methodology to Enhance Teaching Performance and Student Experience in e-Learning Environment Dr. Muhammad Aslam
A Clustering Based Indexing Technique of Modularized Ontologies for Information Retrieval Prof.Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
A Methodology for Improving Compatibility in Data Storage and Retrieval Between DBMS and Sementic Web Dr. Tauqir Ahmad
Design of a New Cryptographic Algorithm for Secure Communication over the Network Dr. Muhammad junaid Arshad
Abstractive Summarization of Video Sequences Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan
An Integrated Fault Detection and Diagnosis Model for Wireless Sensor Network Dr. Ali Hammad Akbar
Performance Optimization and Traffic Management in Data Centers Dr. Muhammad junaid Arshad
Design and Implementation of Quality Enhanced Multimedia Content Delivery System for Mobile Clouds Dr. Yasir Saleem
Context Aware Services Portal for the Global Access of Sensing-Based Application in Cellular Networks and Internet Dr. Ali Hammad Akbar
Design Quality Metrics and their Experimental Evaluation for Secure and Autonomic Computing Systems Prof.Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Semantic Question Answering in Biomedical Domain Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood
Ontology based Agile Software Effort Estimation System fo E-commerce applications Dr. Muhammad Afzal
Classified Image Indexing for Contant Based Retrieval Dr.Yasir Saleem
Development of Information Security Threat Detection System using Knowledge Discovery Techniques Dr.Yasir Saleem
Energy Efficiency in M2M Communication Dr. Ghalib A. Shah
Acoustic Feature based Language Identification Using Single Word Utterances with Fixed Vocabulary Dr. Sarmad Hussain
A Web Co-Authoring Platform for Speed Needs Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Segmentation of Urdu Nastalique Dr. Sarmad Hussain
A Collaborative Knowledge Management Framwork for Unani Medicines Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Design and Implementation of an Agent based Framwork for Cloud Service Evaluation and Recommendatoin Dr. Muhammad Aslam