Thesis Title Supervisor Name
An Adaptive Gamification Model based on the emotions of students Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
A Technique to Improve Business Strategies for Customer Preferences in the Context of Big Date Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Emotion based Survival Model of Multi Agents Systems Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
Vision Based Intelligent Traffic Light Management System using Fasrer R-CNN Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan
Thesis Title Supervisor Name
Acoustic Scene Classification using Deep Neural Network Dr. Faisal Hayat
Blockchain Enabled Driver Distraction Faramework Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan
Deep Learning based Automated Pneumonia Detection From Chest X-rays Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
Early Detection of Dangue Disease Factors using Data Mining Techniques Prof. Dr. Shazia Arshad
Video Annotations Framework for News Headlines using Deep Visual and Text Information Prof. Dr. Shazia Arshad
Identification of efficinet Languages And Methodologies to Develop Websites, Systems And Prediction to boot up TEVTA Pakistan Dr. Khadim Hussain Asif
A Distribution Secure Framework for Communication of Autonomous Drones Working under Flood Situation Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
A Computation Model for Learning Programming and Emotional Intelligence Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
A Framework to Secure the Patients Records in IoMT Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
Real-time Weapons Detection In Surveillance Cameras using Region Proposal Network Dr. Syed Khaldoon Khurshid
A Distributed Framework for Interoperability of Patient,s Record in IOMT Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
Security Metrics for Secure Data Communication on Cloud Prof. Dr. Shazia Arshad
An Intelligent Content Provider Based on Students Learning Style to Increase their Engagement Level and Performance Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Thesis Title Supervisor Name
Two Fold Cluster Head Selection in WSNs Dr. M. Junaid Arshad
Energy Efficient Multiple Cluster Head Selection Routing Protocol Dr. M. Junaid Arshad
Reinforcement Learning for Hierarchical Multi-agent Robotic Search Team Dr. M. Yasir Saleem
Decision Support System for Intelligent Fire Prevention and Evacuation Dr. M. Faisal Hayat
Cyber Physical System for Intelligent Fire Evacuation Dr. M. Faisal Hayat
Design of Low Cost CCSDS Satellite Telecommand Decoder with built in Support for Authentication Dr. M. Yasir Saleem
A New Approach for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation using Machine Learning Techniques Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Spectral Efficient CR Based 4G LTE-Advanced Network for Simultaneous Transmission using Location Awareness Dr. M. Junaid Arshad
A Fuzzy Expert System Design for Diagnosis of Skin Diseases Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
A Technique to Differentiate Spam Short Message Service (SMS) from Mobile Data Prof. Dr. M. Shoaib
A Fuzzy Expert System Design for Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Secure Migration of Multiplatform Legacy Network to Single Software-Defined-Network(SDN) Dr. M. Yasir Saleem
Ensuring Data provenance in IoT Using Water Marking Technique Dr. M. Junaid Arshad
Ontology for Agriculture Management System Dr. Syed Khaldoon Khurshid
Artificial Neural Network Model for Rainfall-Runoff Prediction for Jhalum River Basin Upstream of the Mangla Dam, Pakistant Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
An Improved Urdu Text Summarizer Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Feature-based Sentiment Analysis of Unstructured Text using Lexicon based Approach Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
An Efficient Pre-Processing Technique of Sentiment Analysis for an Expert System Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Thesis Title Supervisor Name
Multi Agents based System Architecture for Market Research in E-Business Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Crowd Analytics: Dynamic Modelling and Recognition of Visual Crowds Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan
Machine Vision Based Plant Recognition for Assessment of Soil Fertility Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan
An Intelligent System to Enhance Interoperability between Heterogeneous Iot Devices Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Design of Mobile based Context Aware System for Medical Domain Dr. Amjad Farooq
An Innovative Approach for Malware Injection Attacks in Cloud Environment Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Semantic Similarity Measure of Urdu Documents Dr. Muhammad Aslam
A Framework for Human Action Recognition using Spatiotemporal Features Dr. M. Usman Ghani Khan