Sr. No. Research Domain Research Topics / Subdomain / Area of Interest Name of Teachers
1 Artificial Intelligence Intelligent agents, Multiagent agents, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, E-learning, E-health, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Processing, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Speech Processing, Image processing Dr. Muhammad Aslam
2 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning applications in Big data Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Shahzad Asif
3 Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Computer, Graphics, Augmented Reality Audio, Speech Processing, Recognition and Perception, Machine learning for Bioinformatics Data Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan
4 Artificial Intelligence Explainable AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, NLP, Information Extraction, Speech Processing Dr. Sh. Faisal Rashid
5 Artificial intelligence Reinforcement Learning, Multi-agent System Dr. Muhammad Awais Hassan
6 Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Speech Processing, Image Processing, Computer Programming Dr. Muhammad Afzal
7 Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision, Medical Imaging, Surveillance, Conversational AI Mr. Samyan Qayyum Wahla
8 Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Effective Computing Ms. Maida Shahid
9 Bioinformatics, Computer Vision Medical Imaging, Genomics, Ms. Farheen Ramzan
10 Emotional Intelligence Adaptive Learning, NLP Ms. Umme Habiba
11 Information / Cyber Security Security in critical infrastructure, policies, and compliance Dr. Sadaf Hina
12 Information Retrieval Systems Indexing Techniques, Search Engines, Emotional Intelligence Dr. Syed Khaldoon Khurshid
13 Knowledge Management, Cognitive Science, Social Computing Knowledge-Based Systems, eHealth & eLearning, Health and Unani Medicine Informatics, Activity Theory, Semantic Modeling Dr. Talha Waheed
14 Machine Learning Computer Vision, NLP Ms. Mubarra
15 Machine Learning Medical Imaging, Bioinformatics Ms. Abqa Javed
16 Semantic Web Engineering Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, Image Processing, Cloud Computing Dr. Amjab Farooq
17 Software Engineering/
Web Engineering
Software Engineering, Web Engineering, Cloud Computing Mr. Atif Hussain
18 Software Engineering Methodologies, GIS, Remote Sensing Algorithms, Big Data Dr. Tauqir Ahmad
19 Software Matrices Information Retrieval System, Software Design Quality Metrics
Computerized Inventory Systems
Dr. Shazia Arshad
20 Software Matrices Web Engineering, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Software Metrics, Management Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
21 Telecommunication Network,
protocols and Computer Network
Wireless Mobile Communication, Network Simulation Modeling, Computer
Dr. Muhammad Junaid Arshad
22 Artificial intelligence, Wireless
Wireless Sensor Networks, Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks Modelling and Simulation, Machine Learning Dr. Amna Zafar