Research is an essential element of higher education and serves the purpose of a catalyst in the prosperity of society. Soon after granting a charter in 1961, the University set up a Directorate to organize and promote Research and Advisory Services. To strengthen the research activities at the  University, full-time research assistantships were offered to the graduate students offering a competitive stipend. Over the years the research work mainly focused on solving the problems faced by the local industry. In addition, the Directorate has provided, over the last many decades, extensive advisory services to the Provincial as well as Federal Governments.

Current Status

Based on the new initiatives taken by Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Directorate of Research, Extension & Advisory Services has been transformed to the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) since June 2012. ORIC performs a variety of activities to promote the research, innovation, and commercialization across the University (For Online Paper Submission Click Here! http://journal.uet.edu.pk). Some key tasks performed by ORIC are:

  • Sponsoring both indigenous and collaborative research projects and initiatives at the University.
  • Coordinate any advisory services for the benefit of the Government departments and industries.
  • Arranging evaluation of research publications of faculty members and publishing of Research Journal of the University.
  • Conducting seminars on a weekly basis by inviting resource persons from academia and industry to discuss the needs of the society that can be fulfilled through engineering solutions as well as problems faced by the industry, which can be solved by the University.
  • Publishing of the research journal titled Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PJEAS).
  • Award of Research Assistantship to the graduate students. Regulate M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs.
  • Provide startup research grants to the faculty members.
  • Provide research funds to Ph.D. scholars to conduct their research.
  • Approve thesis, supervisors, and examiners for graduate research thesis.
  • Co-ordinate the split Ph.D. program with foreign universities.
  • Facilitate any negotiations, regarding commercialization activities, between university researchers and industry representatives.