The department launched the MSc Computer Science program in 2003, whereas the Ph.D. program in computer science was launched in 2002.

Department of Computer Science offers

  1. MSc Computer Science (Morning)
    • Monday to Friday Classes
  2. MSc Computer Science (Weekend)
    • Saturday and Sunday Classes
Minimum Duration Maximum Duration
MSc Computer Science 2 Years 4 Years

The department provides excellent research facilities and services for postgraduate students. Our postgraduate program has been acknowledged internationally and the university has admitted postgraduate students from various parts of the world, who are sponsored by governments, organizations, and industries.

Only those candidates will be eligible for admission who have passed their undergraduate (16 years equivalent) degree by securing a minimum of 60% raw score under the annual system or a CGPA of 2.50 out of a maximum of 4.00 under the semester system. CGPAs on other scales will be translated accordingly. In case CGPA and marks are both recorded on the transcript, then the CGPA score would be considered.
In addition, the applicant shall have to clear the Subject Test conducted by the department by securing at least 50% in it

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MSc Computer Science (Morning)

Semester Fee (Rs)
First Semester 83050.00
Second Semester 60000.00
Third Semester 60000.00
Fourth Semester 60000.00
Total 263050.00


MSc Computer Science (Weekend)

Semester Fee (Rs)
First Semester 116850.00
Second Semester 90000.00
Third Semester 90000.00
Fourth Semester 90000.00
Total 386850.00

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