M.Sc. Computer Science(Evening)

The Department of Computer Science offers two options for students interested in a Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science: regular and weekend classes. Students must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours, including eight 3-CH courses and a 6-CH research-based MSc thesis. All students are required to take four core courses: CS-601, CS-602, CS-604, and CS-605. Moreover, MSc students must study at least two courses in their specialization and can choose remaining two from other specializations.

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant for admission to any of the postgraduate’s degree course offered by the University must fulfill the following requirement.

  1. Primary undergraduate degree of those seeking admissions should be either Bachelor of Architecture or B.Sc City & Regional Planning or B.Sc Civil Engineering or B.Sc Architectural Engineering & Design from a PCATP/HEC accredited/recognized institute.
  2. For M.Arch the applicant should have scored a minimum of 60% marks under term system or 2.5 CGPA under semester system (details in section: Postgraduate Application Process)
  3. For Ph.D the applicant should have scored a minimum of 70% marks under term system or 3.0 CGPA under semester system (details in section: Postgraduate Application Process).
  4. Subject test and interview will be conducted by the department. Qualifying score in subject test is 50% for M.Arch and 70% for Ph.D.

Fee Structure


Component Fees Asscoiated
Admission Fee 11976
University Registration Fee 479
Uninversity Security (Refundable) 1120
Hostel Security (Refundable) 240
Library Security (Refundable) 1120
Verification Fee 2395
Email Registration Fee 240
University Student ID Card 599
Laboratory Testing and Experimentation (LTE) 3000
Total Associated 21169

Semester Recurring

Component Fees Asscoiated
Inter-University Tournament Fee 112
Magazine Fee 168
Medical Fee 560
Tuition Fee 67200
Examination Charges 1344
Recreation / Sports Fee 672
Tennis / Squash Club Fees (for members only) 400
Facilities Charges 4000
Internet Charges 201659
Summer Semster 3360
Total Associated 279475


Core Courses
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-601 Advanced Operating Systems (CS Core) 3
CS-602 Advanced Computer Architecture (CS Core) 3
CS-604 Theory of Computation (CS Core) 3
CS-605 Advanced Algorithm Analysis (CS Core) 3
CS-700 M.S. Thesis 6
Research Methods
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-590 Argument and Reasoning for Research 3
CS-591 Problem Formulation Techniques 3
CS-651 Advanced Research Methodologies 3
Information Systems & DBMS
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-623 Advanced Web Semantics 3
CS-629 Web Retrieval and Information Access 3
CS-631 Advanced DBMS 3
CS-633 Advanced Information Retrieval System 3
CS-635 Object Oriented Databases 3
CS-636 Cloud Computing 3
CS-637 Web Based DBMS 3
CS-639 Advanced Topic in DBMS 3
AI & Machine Learning
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-598 Digital Image Processing 3
CS-599 Knowledge Discovery in Databases 3
CS-640 Computer Vision 3
CS-641 Design of Intelligent System 3
CS-642 Artificial Neural Network 3
CS-643 Machine Learning (DS Core) 3
CS-644 Expert System and Knowledge Management 3
CS-645 Intelligent Agents 3
CS-650 Reinforcement Learning 3
CS-651 Affective Computing 3
CS-659 Advanced Machine Learning 3
CS-660 Human Computer Interaction 3
CS-662 Distributed Artificial Intelligence 3
System Engineering, Maths & General Computing
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-585 Quantum Computing 3
CS-589 Current Research Trends in CS 3
CS-593 Advanced Applied Mathematics 3
CS-594 Random Variables and Stochastic Processes 3
CS-595 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3
CS-600 Parallel & Distributed Computing 3
CS-603 Distributed Systems 3
Speech and Language Processing
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-596 Speech Processing 3
CS-597 Advance Digital Audio Processing 3
CS-720 Computational Linguistics 3
CS-721 Seminar in Statistical Language Processing 3
CS-722 Seminar in Urdu Computational Grammar 3
Computer Networks
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-633 Telecommunication Networks and Protocols 3
CS-664 Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks 3
CS-665 Wireless & Mobile Communication 3
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-655 Bioinformatics Concepts 3
CS-656 Introduction to Brain Informatics 3
CS-751 Advance Topics in Bioinformatics 3
Data Science
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-607 Statistical and Mathematical Methods(DS Core) 3
CS-608 Advanced Big Data Analytics 3
CS-610 Advanced Big Data Analytics (DS Core) 3
CS-634 Deep Learning 3
CS-638 Natural Language Processing 3
CS-646 Distributed Data Processing 3
CS-647 Internet of Things 3
CS-648 Social Network Analysis 3
CS-649 Advanced Computer Vision 3
CS-652 Probabilistic Graphical Models 3
CS-653 Time Series Prediction 3
CS-654 Advanced Data Visualizatio 3
Information Security
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-670 Information Security Management (IS Core) 3
CS-671 Digital Forensics and Incident Response (IS Core) 3
CS-672 Advanced Cryptography (IS Core) 3
CS-673 Network Security (IS Core) 3
CS-674 Secure Software Design and Development 3
CS-675 Cyber Intelligence 3
CS-676 Information Security Policy Development 3
CS-677 Intrusion Detection 3
CS-678 Machine Learning for Cyber Security 3
CS-679 Vulnerability Exploitation and Defense 3
CS-680 Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis 3
CS-681 Information Security Audit & Assessment 3
CS-682 Software Security Testing and Code Assessment 3
CS-683 Securing Applications,Web Services and SaaS 3
CS-684 Database Security 3
CS-685 Computer Forensics 3
CS-686 Applied Cryptography 3