M.Sc. Software Engineering

MS Software Engineering (MS-SE) is designed to cater to the needs of students who have got a background in a computer science or software engineering discipline and wish to acquire skills in the rapidly advancing field of software engineering. Graduates will combine the software skills with those of their previous knowledge in a professional application-oriented setting and prepare themselves for the technological challenges and opportunities of the future arising in all fields including banking, telecommunications, defence, commerce, government, health, education and many other areas.

Eligibility Criteria

A degree of BS (CS) and BS(IT) as per HEC curriculum or students with 16 years of education in following domains and bachelor’s degrees (BS CS; BS Information Technology; BS Software Engineering; BS-CS (with Data Science Specialization) are eligible to apply.

Fee Structure


Component Fees Asscoiated
Admission Fee 11976
University Registration Fee 479
Uninversity Security (Refundable) 1120
Hostel Security (Refundable) 240
Library Security (Refundable) 1120
Verification Fee 2395
Email Registration Fee 240
University Student ID Card 599
Laboratory Testing and Experimentation (LTE) 3000
Total Associated 21169

Semester Recurring

Component Fees Asscoiated
Inter-University Tournament Fee 112
Magazine Fee 168
Medical Fee 560
Tuition Fee 67200
Examination Charges 1344
Recreation / Sports Fee 672
Tennis / Squash Club Fees (for members only) 400
Facilities Charges 4000
Internet Charges 201659
Summer Semster 3360
Total Associated 279475


SE Core Courses
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-606 Advanced Software Architecture (SE Core) 3
CS-627 Theory of Measurement 3
CS-613 Software Quality Assurance (SE Core) 3
CS-621 Requirement Engineering (SE Core) 3
SE Elective Courses
Course Code Subject Name Credit Hours
CS-611 Advanced Software Engineering 3
CS-615 Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
CS-627 Advanced Topic in Software Engineering 3
CS-690 Software Engineering for AI Applications 3
CS-691 Component Based Software Engineering 3
CS-692 Advanced Formal Methods 3
CS-693 Advanced Human-Computer Interaction 3
CS-694 Agile Software Development Methods 3
CS-695 Empirical Software Engineering 3
CS-696 Advanced Software Project Management 3
CS-697 Software Risk Management 3
CS-698 Software Configuration Management 3
CS-699 Reliability Engineering 3
CS-619 Web Engineering 3